YourWeekdays is a mobile application, developed as an extension of a free tourist fun map and directories, YourBandung. This application is designed for everyone anywhere in the world to have access to big discounts of your city’s culinary offers or places where you’re heading to up to 40% from normal daily prices. You can only take advantage of it during weekdays (Monday to Friday) as restaurants and cafes in many tourist destinations are happy to invite you for more potential introduction.

If you are those who love to eat out more, this is your chance to stretch further of your lifestyle, or save more so you can allocate your spares elsewhere. Having it in your phone is a perfect steal!

If you are in a food business or a passionate chef eager to introduce your new menus, this platform is for you to freely call on your potential customers and make your restaurant or café widely recognized and cash in during low tide. Your customers pay directly to you. No more delayed payments or trimmed income.

Find the best offers within your reach! Be the first one to spot great discounts! Tell your friends how the discounts benefit them.

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